80 MIN $235

Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage that includes calming oils and a cinnamon foot scrub.

Oceans Deep Massage

A deep-tissue, therapeutic massage focusing on soothing chronic tension using advanced massage therapy techniques primarily on the neck and back. 

Flow State Couples Massage

 Enter flow state with this powerfully soothing massage that unites and ignites serenity and tranquility between you and your love. Includes aromatic oils and a cinnamon sugar foot scrub.

Ultimate Couples Massage

A magical experience for soul mates. Treat your better half with this entrancing, deeply relaxing massage that brings you closer together as you both fade away into complete bliss and harmony. Includes our signature “true romance” mini facial that is guaranteed to enlighten your senses. 

Our Testimonials

My husband and I did a couples massage and it was very professional. They were well knowledged, clean atmosphere.
ivy johnson
ivy johnson
Just had a wonderful couple’s massage with Erika and Sandra. We will most definitely be back!
Alison Chambers
Alison Chambers
Awesome experience! Staff is very polite and informative..very relaxing and the best massage I've ever had. Thank you!! Highly recommend it!😊
Anadalia Pombo
Anadalia Pombo
A friend of mine recommended this spot a while back, and I am honestly not a massage person. Went in on Friday, and I liked the spot, it gives out cool zen vibes plus the staff is really friendly, and I felt totally comfortable. Had me a deep tissue massage, and it did wonders with my back.
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez
Had THE most AWESOME massage! Lovely atmosphere and service! We will definitely be back…
baby girl
baby girl
If I could give more than 5 stars I would! This was by far the best massage I’ve ever received. Not only was it very relaxing but the massage I got from Mike relieved pain that I’ve had for years. Not only was he able to identify problem areas I didn’t previously mention but he was able to release knots in my back and calves that I thought were going to be permanently a part of my body. I’m walking out of here with the biggest smile and what feels like brand new feet.
Collette Eriksen
Collette Eriksen
Best of the best! Amazing. Left feeling like a new man. Years of knots gone
Andrew Platt
Andrew Platt
Great experience with Mike and the therapist Carla. Extremely friendly and professional. Recommend 80 mins massage as 60 mins wasn't enough!

Real Massage Therapy

We are known for our passionate and effective approach to massage therapy. We perform deeply relaxing, medical grade and therapeutic massages that are designed to alleviate chronic tension, while reducing mental and emotional stress. We pride ourselves in only using the best raw, organic, highly beneficial, authentic ingredients and beauty products in the market for your health and satisfaction. We are the only massage company in Florida offering medicinal essential blends and herbal tonics for added relaxation in our signature massages.

Massage Benefits

Cell Regeneration

Enhances Muscle Tone

Relax Nervous System


Activates the body's natural healing mechanism

Increases Oxygen

Provides Mental Clarity

Boosts Immunity


Improves Skin Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

I am allergic to nuts. Will I have a reaction to Coconut oil?

No. Organic, all raw and pure coconut oil has incredible benefits for not only the skin, but also helps hydrate as well. 

What is a medical grade massage protocol?

We use a variation of advanced techniques that are proven to help reduce pain and inflammation in affected areas. Whether you have a condition or not, our approach is to always consider any soreness and tension to apply proper pressure in specific areas and soothing in others.   

What’s inside the herbal tonics and what are the effects?

Our authentic herbal tonics are customized to your needs. They consist of organic teas and adaptogens for added relaxation. Our 3 options were designed for the 3 archetypes that typically seek massage services. Some ingredients consist of blue lotus, ashwagandha and lion’s mane.

What’s are the benefits of medicinal essential oils?

Our medicinal essential oils are authentically made in Thailand. They help with pain relief, improved digestion and skin health, elevates mood, helps with sleep, stress and anxiety. Only 1 drop of these concentrated extracts is needed to receive the benefits.

What are adaptogens and how do I know which ones are good for me?

They consist of plant and mushroom extracts that are known to effectively adapt to the persons internal environment. If you are stressed, it will do the opposite and de-stress you. If you have no energy, it will give you energy on a cellular level. While some feel the benefits right away, others take a few minutes to hours to feel a difference in their mind and body.

 Who should get a massage? Is there an age limit?

Anyone and everyone at any age. Massage therapy benefits pregnant mothers, babies, teens, adults, the elderly, and even cancer patients. In ancient times, it was even used to help the body naturally disperse parasites and worms. It is the safest form of natural medicine in the world. People taking prescribed medication should get medical clearance.